国家历史BTT365:10 -12年级学生

Spend your summer walking in the footsteps of leaders who helped define and shape the American story, 包括总统, 民权领袖, 以及为国家的诞生和生存而战的士兵. See and learn about seminal documents that shaped our history from subject matter experts and master teachers. Get behind-the-scenes access to historic sites no other program can provide.

BTT365 offers a life-changing experience for high school students with an interest in the history, 美国的法律和政府

BTT365 offers a unique blend of formal and informal learning with opportunities for first-hand experiences at the nation’s premier historic landmarks in Washington, DC, 维吉尼亚州, 马里兰, 西弗吉尼亚州和宾夕法尼亚州. The program explores the extraordinary events and leaders of American history from pre-colonial times to the 21st century. This was the period when the idea of America took shape and when this idea survived the trauma of Civil War.

同时, the Academy will focus on major themes—everyday life in the American colonies; the principles of liberty and equality embodied in America’s founding documents; the divisive and decisive debate over slavery; the transformation of the national economy through the industrial and transportation revolutions; and the social and cultural impact of the struggle for civil rights.

我喜欢我们参观的网站. The fact that everyone was from all around the country bringing different views and ideas made the experience great. I loved that my views were challenged and I got to hear the other side of the story. Having the 演讲者s and the great people that came to see us made the whole thing that much more memorable.
Bereket Hailu, Rockville, MD
NHA’s class of 2019 reflects on how the program impacted them over the course of just a few weeks.

国立历史BTT365 offers an inspiring and engaging learning environment. 每个星期, you will spend three days visiting our country’s seminal historic sites and three days in the classroom delving deeply into major themes related to those site visits.

BTT365 utilizes a hybrid of formal and informal learning methods through case discussion, 辩论, 阅读文本, 看电影和纪录片, 还有著名学者的讲座. You will further explore all of this through collaborative learning experiences during the immersive on-site visits.


Our curriculum is designed to challenge you to participate and interact with your fellow students and the historical sites we visit.  The experiential curriculum is built around four components: (1) Case Method Institute history cases; (2) parliamentary 辩论; (3) a 演讲者 系列 (4)参观具有美国历史意义的遗址.

看看我们的学生对这种独特的学习方法是怎么说的 在这里.



BTT365采用基于案例的方法 美国民主的历史 课程由哈佛商BTT365教授大卫·莫斯开发. This curriculum allows you to engage more deeply with the history you are studying as you explore sites and hear guest lectures by nationally recognized scholars.  The cases provide an interdisciplinary and contextual examination of key historical events, permitting you to consider the multiple viewpoints of historical 辩论 and to place yourself in the shoes of history’s decision makers.



国家历史BTT365与 勇敢的天使 在一个旨在鼓励民间讨论的议会辩论节目中. This formal style of debate allows you to discuss challenging modern-day issues in contrast to the historical 辩论 studied in the cases. 你将在夏天参与一系列的辩论, 包括自选主题, 组织你的职位, 并最终, 主持你自己的辩论.  通过这些辩论, you will be better able to understand the context of historical figures as real people struggling with difficult issues, just as you are struggling with and forming your own opinions about modern issues in the 辩论.



国立历史BTT365 hosts guest 演讲者s who are nationally recognized experts in their fields as part of a 演讲者 系列. These 演讲者s supplement the lessons learned in the classroom and during the site visits with real-world examples. Past 演讲者s have included Civil Rights Leader Ernest Green of the Little Rock Nine, 美国内战博物馆首席执行官克里斯蒂·科尔曼说, 奥斯卡获奖演员罗伯特·杜瓦尔, and Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Curator Cecile Ganteaume.



国立历史BTT365 is built around learning at many of the defining sites of American history.  But you will not just take a tour as a member of the general public would.  You will gain behind-the-scenes access, often visiting with the Executive Director of the site.  On many of these visits, a scholar will talk with you and spend part of the day with us.

历史遗址参观提供了背景,真正“让历史活起来”.“整个夏天, you will visit over 30 important places that help tell the American story, 包括历史悠久的詹姆斯敦, 殖民地威廉斯堡, 和华盛顿, DC; iconic National Parks such as Harpers Ferry, 阿巴拉契亚山径, and the National Mall; the presidential homes and retreats of Washington, 杰佛逊, 麦迪逊, and Lincoln; numerous Revolutionary War and Civil War battlefields, 包括约克城, 葛底斯堡, 和安蒂特姆河, 以及与民权斗争有关的网站, 包括讲述弗雷德里克·道格拉斯故事的地方, 约翰。布朗, W.E.B. 杜波依斯和马丁·路德·金 . 你也会有一生一次的经历. In 2018, Academy students saw the Broadway hit Hamilton 在肯尼迪中心 and screened the movie 葛底斯堡 在葛底斯堡与电影导演罗恩·麦克斯韦尔会面. 2022年,学生们看到了 杀死一只知更鸟 在肯尼迪中心.

These immersive site visits reinforce what you will learn in the classrooms with the Harvard Business School history case studies and parliamentary 辩论. 这种经验的综合影响, collaborative and participatory learning will improve your critical and creative thinking skills and prepare you for college.

The whole Academy experience is designed to produce three learning outcomes: